"Why bathe twice?? Save time and money while getting the best results possible with only one bath!"
A revolutionary tool brought to you by a Professional Groomer

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Vicki M.
Love this brush!!!!
I absolutely love this brush because it enhances the cleaning power of my shampoos( B3, Les Pooch,ShowSeason). A clean coat dries faster and fluffs better. Donna,thank you for creating exactly what we needed to make our prep work of the coat easier and more efficient. My clients do lean into the brush like you said. No more flaky skin! Buy it now!

What a difference the Yuppy Puppy brush makes!!

I was skeptical that this brush could clean as well as described, and it doesn't, it's better!! When I first got it, I performed an experiment on one of my dogs. I have a Smooth-Coated Dachshund who likes to roll around in things outside. I bathed one side of him like I usually do, and then I scrubbed the other side with the Yuppy Puppy brush...the sludge that came off of him was surprising! A little bit of hair and dirt were present, but there was SO much gray matter that it clogged my drain. Even though I brush him frequently because he's always itchy, this brush removed a lot of dead skin cells! I went over the other side that I had just washed with the Yuppy Puppy brush and got the same amount of sludge from the other side.

It's now been 10 days since that bath, and his itchiness has subsided greatly. I found it to be highly effective in the bath, and happily surprised by the lasting results achieved by this simple little brush.

I recommend it highly and look forward to using it in my new mobile unit next month.

Kudos Donna!!

Sandra Perez


Redefines clean
A simple, inexpensive tool every groomer or bather should have in their bathing arsenal!
- Petagree Mobile Spa, Phoenix, AZ.

Loved It!
My YorkshireTerrier/Maltese mix and Coton de Tulear were so clean afterwards, and the baths took much less time as well! Best of all, I almost felt like they stayed cleaner longer! I loved the brush :)

Great tool!
Not only is great for the dogs skin distributing the shampoo and reaching spots that are difficult to reach, massages the dog skin , great for dogs with skin issues , cleans deep, great for the faces/paws ,saves products and protect the hands when one has to bathe multiple dogs.

I have been grooming for over 8?years and have never seen or used anything like this....I absolutely love it!!!!!!!

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