"Why bathe twice?? Save time and money while getting the best results possible with only one bath!"
 " No more rubber curries or shower poufs!  No more using your fingernails (which are very difficult to sanitize) leaving your fingertips cracked and hands cramping! The soft but firm bristles gently clean and massage the pets skin and coat without irritation for a fast and efficient bath.  Less shampoo is needed as the bristles create an instant rich lather with regular and medicated shampoos.  The uniquely designed handle is no slip for easy grip, and full control on feet,  faces and hard to reach places.   The soft, wavy bristles trap dead hair for amazing desheds in the tub, all while massaging the pet.
After a bath with a Yuppy Puppy Bath Brush I am confident my clients are as clean as I want them to be, which makes for a better and faster finish, and a cleaner, happier pet.  And of course, happier pet Moms and Dads!"
 This brush is made of nonporous polypropylene and is easily sanitized in either a bleach water solution or your favorite disinfectant. 
Donna Amandus
Owner/Stylist of Yuppy Puppy Pet Parlor Fort Madison, Iowa
Yuppy Puppy Bath Brush Dist.